Full Program For The High Season

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Full Program For The High Season
Full Program For The High Season

Video: Full Program For The High Season

Video: Full Program For The High Season
Video: "COACHES" Notre Dame High School (West Haven, CT) full program (23 minutes) 2023, June
Arnis Schlei Music at Noor_2551
Arnis Schlei Music at Noor_2551

We already had the comprehensive calendar of events for the season in issue 15 (you can still reorder it here postage free) and an up-to-date calendar is also available for you on YACHT online. Here are the highlights in August:

2-6.: Ærø Jazz Festival (Ærø)

There is jazz in various places on the island, but especially in Marstal and Æroskøbing.

2-7.: Femø Jazz Festival (Femø)

The cult event among the jazz festivals. An island in a state of emergency.

3rd - 7th: Middelfart Jazz Festival (Middelfart)

Also firmly established jazz event for many years.

5th - 21st: Olympic sailing games (Rio de Janairo)

They are finally taking place, the controversial games in the dirty district off Rio, which were already controversially discussed in advance. We will keep you up to date on YACHT online. Our reporter TatjanPokorny is there for you!

5-7.: Hanseclassics (Rostock)

The fifth edition of the small, fine classic regatta in Rostock.

6-10: Hajkutter Regatt (Nystedt / Rostock)

Five-day event with an extensive program.

11-14: Hanse Sail (Rostock)

For everyone who likes nautical romance. More of a folk festival, but a colorful hustle and bustle on and around the water.

11-13: Svendborg Classic Regatt (Svendborg)

For the first time, old GRP classics are also at the start in Svendborg. Also worth seeing: the Danish sport boat museum, at home here since May.

12./13.: Music on the Noor (Arnis)

Festival with top-class bands from a wide variety of genres.

19-21: German sailing league (Berlin)

The championship of sailing clubs.

19. – 21.: German Classics (Laboe)

The largest and oldest classic event in Germany traditionally takes place in August on the Kiel Outer Fjord.

20.: Maasholm Harbor Party (Maasholm / Schlei)

A classic harbor festival with everything that goes with it - from a live band in the tent to grilled sausage and cola rum.

25. – 28.: Kongelig Classic (Flensburg – Sonderburg – Aabenraa)

Cross-border regatta event for historical watercraft. It goes north in several stages from Flensburg.

26.-28.: Bodden stages (Greifswald)

Already the 46th edition of the cult regatta. It goes from Greifswald via Lubmin and Gustow back to the Hanseatic city.

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