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NRW Sailing Mourns
NRW Sailing Mourns

Video: NRW Sailing Mourns

Video: NRW Sailing Mourns
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The "First Lady of West German sailing" has died after a long illness. JuttReinhold is buried today in Aachen. She was the woman from the very beginning when the German Puppy Sail was organized and was affectionately called "Aunt Jutta" by her protégés.

JuttReinhold, Honorary President of the North Rhine-Westphalia Sailing Association, has been committed to the next generation since 1967. She sat for North Rhine-Westphalia on the first advisory board of the German Optimist Dinghy Association (DODV), which was founded this year.

But also as the DSV youth leader in her country, she made a lasting contribution to the concerns of the young sailors. In the many years of her voluntary work, she grew particularly fond of the optimist class.

As chairwoman of the Sailing Association of North Rhine-Westphalia (SVNRW), she also had a major influence on the development of sailing in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Obituary of the SVNRW: The loss of our honorary chairman JuttReinhold hits us painfully. With it, sailing loses a personality that has been able to shape our common good cause far beyond the borders of our state of North Rhine-Westphalia

She set the tone for the future of our sport, especially for the youth work that is always close to her heart. For many years she was the youth warden of her home club, Yacht Club Rursee, and was later responsible for twelve years as the state youth chairwoman on the board of our association, elected as its chairwoman, and finally becoming the determining force in NRW sailing.

Despite health handicaps, JuttReinhold also had a noticeable contribution to successful work in the sailing council of the German Sailing Association with her professional competence and exceptional integration skills. Distinctive and tireless in her voluntary commitment for decades, JuttReinhold set standards, repeatedly challenged herself like others, convinced with her distinctly strong personality through profound specialist knowledge, perseverance and courage even in difficult disputes.

A person of extraordinary stature and a role model for many, as evidenced by the numerous awards she has received in the course of her life. Above all, Jutt was a comrade and companion to us. Far beyond the boundaries of our association work, she earned a high degree of respect, sympathy and, through her warm, personal manner in which she was able to approach people, a high degree of deep affection.

This made our sport much richer. Her life for the beloved sailing sport is over, not her life's work. We share the pain with their loved ones. But our thanks should be the memory in which we honor JuttReinhold's memory. The board and all members of the Segler-Verband Nordrhein-Westfalen e. V.

Obituary of the Heinz Nixdorf Association:

“Aunt Jutta” or “the first lady of West German sailing” is no longer with us.

As a member of the Rursee Yacht Club, she was a founding member of the Deutsche Optimist Dinghy Vereinigung e. V. in 1967.

Equipped with all the awards for voluntary work that can be awarded, the grand dame has now passed away after a long illness.

JuttReinhold's incomparable unselfish commitment to sailing for more than 40 years of your life in North Rhine-Westphalia and beyond its borders will remain unique.

She was also a founding member of the Heinz Nixdorf Association for the Promotion of Sailing in 1991 and has devotedly worked on the board for over 10 years.

As long as her strength allowed it in the past few years, she was always well informed for her sailors and always well informed.

Anyone who has been able to experience it will not forget it.

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