Rum, Reggae And Regattas

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Rum, Reggae And Regattas
Rum, Reggae And Regattas

Video: Rum, Reggae And Regattas

Video: Rum, Reggae And Regattas
Video: Collie Buddz - Love & Reggae (Official Music Video) 2023, September

Sergio Sagramoso has won the coveted Lord Nelson Trophy of this year's AntiguSailing Week. With the Melges 32 "Lazy Dog" sailing under the flag of Puerto Rico, he and his crew even prevailed against the highly popular Big Boats à l "Sojana" or "Nomad IV". Numerous German crews, who traditionally book themselves for the event via the yacht charter agency KH + P, were in some cases right at the front in their rating groups.

Here are the best photos of the week:

Photo gallery: 50th AntiguSailing Week 2017


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More about the 50th AntiguSailing Week in YACHT 12/2017 (published on May 24th)