Again Light Wind Poker At VCR

Regatta 2023
Again Light Wind Poker At VCR
Again Light Wind Poker At VCR

Video: Again Light Wind Poker At VCR

Video: Again Light Wind Poker At VCR
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Leading after the 2nd day: Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby in the tornado

Despite the difficult conditions, the second round of Volvo's sailing series turns out to be a folk festival. In front of more than 12,000 spectators, the favorites have so far been able to assert themselves - including Roland Gäbler with a new Scotsman.

In good weather, but light wind, the Australians Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby (tornado) and the Ukrainian Olympic runner-up Rodion Lukund his Danish bowman Peter Krueger (49er) took the overall lead in their class.

The German 49er duo Marcus Baur (Kiel) and Max Groy (Fleckeby) got unlucky in a race in tricky light wind conditions in the form of a completely twisted gennaker, 10th place delivered the first result. "We had thought differently," grumbled the three-time European champion Baur during a break.

Baur / Groy are currently far away from first place, but they are engaged in an exciting battle for second and third place with Nico Delle-Karth and Nikolaus Resch from Austria, the tenth place at the Olympic Games in Athens. The second promising German team, the Peckolt brothers, are currently in seventh place in the overall ranking.

During the tornadoes, the Australians Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby were enthusiastic about Lake Cospuden not only because of their athletic results. The two professionals - who got along very well with the light wind conditions - were particularly pleased with the beach flair. "This is great for the community," said crewman Glenn Ashby. "The area is like a natural arena for sailing."

On the second day, Wacker also fought against the short-term tornado duo Roland Gäbler (Tinglev) and Markus Raupach (Leipzig). With two second, one third and one fourth places, the 41-year-old multiple world champion Gäbler and his only 13-year-old "substitute fore-sheet" Markus Raupach took third place in the interim ranking of the Volvo Champions Race.

As a surprise guest and co-presenter, Nandini Mitra, front woman of Fit-for-Fun-TV, dared to go on a tornado with the Dutchwoman Carolijn Brouwer and described her impressions live from board. For Nandini, who asked sailors and moderators to their hearts' content, it was the first encounter with professional sailing and she was particularly impressed by the proximity to the public and the activities close to the beach.

Intermediate result after the 2nd day:

Tornado class (7 races):

1. Darren Bundock / Glenn Ashby, 12 points 2. Peder Ronholt / Mads Möller, 20 points3. Roland Gäbler / Markus Raupach, 23 points4. Mitch Booth / Herbert Dercksen, 24 points5. Jordanis Paschalidis / Konstantinos Trigonis, 30 points6. Matthias Nowak / Martin Rusterholz, 34 points7. Johannes Polgar / Taylor Booth, 36 points8. Carolijn Brouwer / Sebastien Godefroid, 37 points9. Tino Mittelmeier / Niko Mittelmeier, 38 points10. Wouter Samam / Jeroen van Leeuwen, 43 points11. Fridtjof Unger / Daniel Suelberg, 60 points12. Robin Rettberg / Nils Löffler, 70 point

49er class (8 races):

1. Rodion Luk / Peter Krueger, 16 points 2. Nico Delle-Karth / Nikolaus Resch, 27 points3. Marcus Baur / Max Groy, 28 points4. Allan Norregard / Jonatan Age Persson, 32 points5. Peter Hansen / Sören Hansen, 33 points6. Christoffer Sundby / Frode Bovim, 38 points7. Jan-Peter Peckolt / Hannes Peckolt, 47 points8. Athanasios Pachoumas / Dimitros Benakis, 48 points9. Kenjiro Todoroki / Kenji Takahashi, 51 points10. Jonas Warrer / Martin Kirketerp, 54 points11. L. Briesenick-Pudenz / Morten Massmann, 61 points12. Pawel Kacprowski / Arek Fedusio, 63 points

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