Sea Rescue Day

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Sea Rescue Day
Sea Rescue Day

Video: Sea Rescue Day

Video: Sea Rescue Day
Video: Teen rescued after 49 days at sea 2023, June

Rescuers in action

Experience the work of the sea rescuers up close - the Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS) invites you to this on Sunday. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. everyone has the opportunity to find out about tasks, missions and, of course, the SAR ships.

For the first time, the DGzRS will also open the headquarters site to the public. It is located at Werderstrasse 2 in Bremen-Neustadt. In the SAR school, under the guidance of DGzRS training captains, a mission is offered on the simulator, during which the visitor is the skipper himself.

Heads of the maritime emergency management also provide information about the work in the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center (MRCC). And in “Bremen's smallest cinema”, exciting films about the work of the rescuers on the North and Baltic Seas are shown non-stop.

Maritime rarities are sold in a bazaar and great prizes can be won at a raffle - for example a ride on a rescue cruiser in late summer. The museum rescue cruiser "H. J. Kratschke" can also be visited. The former daughter boat "Eiswette" from 1829 is presented together with a photo exhibition on this rescue unit. And the model construction friends of the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft 1:10" present their large models of rescue cruisers and lifeboats

More and more interested people, especially from inland areas, are taking advantage of the opportunity to receive first-hand information from the DGzRS crews at the stations. With a bit of luck, you can even take part in a “little harbor tour” on the lifeboat at some stations.

“Open ship” is of course also used on numerous rescue cruisers. The operational readiness is guaranteed. The program on land offers enough variety.

The current program of events is published on the Internet at

The following stations take part on the day of the sea rescuer:

At the North Sea coast: (SK = rescue cruiser; SRB = lifeboat

Station Borkum - Open Ship, Horumersiel station - from 2 p.m. (together with SK VORMANN STEFFENS / Hooksiel station),Wilhelmshaven station in the Varel outer harbor,Bremerhaven station - seaside resort pontoon (together with SRB HERMANN ONKEN / Fedderwardersiel station),Station Cuxhaven,Helgoland station - Helgoland rescue shed,Brunsbüttel station,Büsum station (together with SRB PAUL NEISSE / Eiderdamm station)Nordstrand station - Strucklahnungshörn,Station List - (together with SRB HORST HEINER KNETEN / Station Hörnum)

On the Baltic coast:

Langballigau station, Gelting station,Schleswig station,Station Maasholm - (together with SRB KARL VAN WELL / Station Damp), Eckernförde station - Eckernförde harbor,Laboe station - (together with SRB MARIE LUISE RENDTE / Schilksee station),Station Fehmarn / Großenbrode,Station Grömitz - (together with SRB CREMPE / Station Neustadt), SAR school Neustadt / HolsteinStation Timmendorf / Insel Poel (not to be confused with Timmendorfer Strand!) With reserve SK VORMANN JANTZEN,Station Kühlungsborn - Harbor,Warnemünde station,Station Wustrow - Hafen,Station Prerow / Wieck - Hafen, Station Glowe - Harbor,Station Sassnitz - Hafen,Station Lauterbach - Harbor,Station Stralsund - Harbor,Station Freest - Harbor,Ueckermünde station - (together with SK FRITZ BEHRENS / Greifswalder Oie station and SRB HECHT / Zinnowitz station),

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