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The Perfect Weekend Boat
The Perfect Weekend Boat

Video: The Perfect Weekend Boat

Video: The Perfect Weekend Boat
Video: The BEST BOAT for an overnight trip... 2023, May
Fun boxes on the Schlei
Fun boxes on the Schlei

While others speed up the narrow fairway to Schleimünde, the sporty small cruisers sail bravely

The small sailing boat market is characterized by a great deal of variance. From the pure weekender to the fully developed cruising yacht with a hull length of only six meters, everything can be found. But for whom is which concept suitable, how can the strongly varying prices be explained, and what do you need to know when buying?

For three days we sailed seven so-called daysailers, also known as fun boxes at the last Hanseboot trade fair, against each other on the Schlei.

The types: SixFor4, Seascape 24 and Bente 24, Lago 26, Saphire 27 and L28 as well as JK 28, listed here according to hull length. Some with variable depth, some very sporty, some with an immense amount of interior space.

The result: There is the perfect daysailer that brings fun sailing and is also suitable for spending a few days on board with up to four people. Which boat it is will be revealed in one of the upcoming YACHT issues.

Here you can again recall the characteristics of each individual boat:


Seascape 24

The brand new Seascape 24 at 30 knots on the Adriatic

Bente 24

Test of the German small cruiser on the Schlei

Lago 26

Sapphires 27


The exciting Daysailer L28 being tested on the Müritz

JK 28

Test video of a new dinghy cruiser from a German pen

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