Jan Von Der Bank Ten Points Ahead Of Bonezzi

Regatta 2023
Jan Von Der Bank Ten Points Ahead Of Bonezzi
Jan Von Der Bank Ten Points Ahead Of Bonezzi

Video: Jan Von Der Bank Ten Points Ahead Of Bonezzi

Video: Jan Von Der Bank Ten Points Ahead Of Bonezzi
Video: TEN POINTS @ PANORAMA BERLIN - Voice Bites 2023, May

Jan von der Bank (left) is on the way to winning the World Cup

One day before the final of the Contender World Championship at the 116th Travemuende Week, Jan von der Bank from Kiel is at the top of the 110 starters with 26 points. Defending champion AndreBonezzi from Italy follows ten points back.

"That's awesome! I can't believe it myself," said a noticeably agitated Jan from the bench after races six and seven at the Contender World Cup. With a win of the day and a third place, he surprisingly leads the competition with ease. "It went like clockwork again," said the 38-year-old. "Start right at the starting ship, stop on the right side and I was almost at the front." He overtook the Englishman Gary Langdon on the last space wind stretch. "He didn't cover me aggressively enough."

The secret favorite from Kiel almost managed to win the day. But the highly traded Marcus Hamilton from Australia grabbed it after a wind turn in front of defending champion Bonezzi. If there is at least one more race on the final day on Friday, everyone can cancel a second result. That could throw the field up and down again. With two big strings on the account, Hamilton, who is currently only sixth, would be right at the front again. "Nothing is dry yet," said the bank, "I have to continue to concentrate on my work." After all, light winds are still forecast - the specialty of the German.


The 14-footer field is dominated by the British

How broad the top of the skiff sailors in Great Britain is, they impressively show at the EM of the INT.14 class. The first seven of the results list have a "GBR" in their sails. With Stephan Heim and Robert Schmidt from Germering, the best Germans only follow in seventh place. In a class of their own - even in their own country - are Alister Richardson from Bournemouth and his crew member Ian Barker. After finishing second at the start, they landed a hat trick and are five points ahead of their compatriots Archie Massey / George Nurton.

The Berliners Christopher Lorenz and Friedrich Gebert are heading towards a seemingly safe title at the German Junior Championship of the 470s. Your strength: constancy. Without a win of the day, they are 13 points ahead of the Lübeck hopefuls DariBlaschkiewitz and Geeske Genrich, who landed first again at the end of the day, but made significantly more small slip-ups. "We have already come here to become champions," said Christopher Lorenz confidently. After all, the duo won bronze at the European Junior Championships in Tallinn / Estonia a week ago and is one of the great talents of the German Sailing Association (DSV). And the two 20-year-olds already have their biggest goal in mind: "We are training for the 2008 Olympic Games in Quindao."

The Dyas, Trias and Javelins crowned their Travemünder Woche winners 2005 without further races, which could not be started due to a lull in the early afternoon. They are Cologne's Holger Sueße and Frank Bender (Dyas), Roderich and Peter Uerlichs with Franz Stoffels from Simmerath (Trias) and Brian and David Earl from Great Britain, who also won the Javelins Eurocup.

Final results after the sixth day of the 116th Travemuende WeekJavelin Eurocup (after eleven races): 1st Earl / Earl (Great Britain) 15 points; 2. Schlittenhard / Schlittenhard (Braunschweig) 22; 3. Smith / Dyson (United Kingdom) 33; 4. Scheel / Prehn (Wachtendonk) 46; 5. Dixon / Partington-Smith (Great Britain) 52; 6. Pickles / Fisher (Great Britain) 53

Dyas (after seven races): 1. Sueße / Bender (Cologne) 9 points; 2. Seyfarth / Schmidt (Höhr-Grenzhausen) 10; 3. Roland / Rocholl (Gelsenkirchen) 28; 4. Grotebrune / Stricker (Hamburg) 30; 5. Zinsli / Iten (Switzerland) 46; 6. Schmidt / Schleicher (Munich) 48.

Triad (after seven races): 1. Uerlichs / Stoffels / Uerlichs (Simmerath) 8 points; 2. Stamm / Reeh / Glaeser (Berlin) 20; 3. Rosenberger / Diehl / Kube (Berlin) 27; 4. Assheuer / Schaad / Zeller (Cologne) 28; 5. Bünten / Wipperfürht / Siemer (Stolberg) 30; 6. Hanisch / Hallensleben / Hanisch (Berlin) 32.

Intermediate resultsContender World Championship (after seven races): 1st Jan from the bench (Kiel) 26 points; 2. AndreBonezzi (Italy) 36; 3. Giovanni Bonzio (Italy) 39; 4. Rene Heynen (Netherlands) 39; 5. Marcus Hamilton (Australia) 42; 6. Gary Langdown (Great Britain) 42

INT.14 European Championship (after four races): 1. Richardson / Barker (Great Britain) 5 points; 2. Massey / Nurton (Great Britain) 10; 3. Nurton / Ash (Great Britain) 11; 4. Tavner / Clay (Great Britain) 20; 5. Penman / Bastow (Great Britain) 25; 6. Pearson / Hickey (Great Britain) 38.

International German Junior Championship of the 470s (after six races): 1. Lorenz / Gebert (Berlin) 13 points; 2. Blaschkiewitz / Genrich (Lübeck) 26; 3. Dzembritzki / Schmoldt (Berlin) 26; 4. Reichart / Kugelmann (Leutstetten) 28; 5. Hemmeter / Kaske (Lindau) 29; 6. Fischer / Leifer (Bremerhaven) 30.

Sportsboats German Open (after six races): 1. TRADEWINDS (Artur Pomorski / Poland) 6 points; 2. PETO JR (Riku Ruokolahti / Finland) 12; 3. BERLINER SEGLER. DE (Jens Hartwig / Berlin) 13; 4. BRYZ7000 (Tomasz Piasecki / Poland) 22; 5. PLAYMATE (Hans-Hermann Rüggesiek / Berlin) 22.5; 6. HAIOPEI (Jörn Petry / Flensburg) 25.5.

18 footers (after five races): 1. Clausen / Ebler / Friedrichsen (Denmark) 5 points; 2. Barton / Borrett / Turbull (Great Britain) 6; 3. Keser / Meisner / Eggersdorfer (Berlin) 14; 4. Orion / Caiveau / Vallee (France) 15; 5. Gieser / Nocke / Schürich (Heidelberg) 16; 6. Paterson / Peter / Müller (Australia) 24.

Dragon (after two races): 1. from Alt-Stutterheim / Vogler / Wolter (Hamburg) 4 points; 2. Dankert / Kemme / Möring (Hamburg) 5; 3. Cadmus / Toepfer / Rieck (Hamburg) 5; 4. Plath / Einfeldt / Plath (Hamburg) 6; 5. Libor / Kordts / Faber (Hamburg) 10; 6. Körting / Hajo / Körting (Hamburg) 12.

O-dinghy (after two races): 1. Roland Franzmann (Düsseldorf) 2 points; 2. Dr. Axel Forstmann (Wunstorf) 6; 3. Axel Schulz (Königs Wusterhausen) 6; 4. Uwe Kuhlmann (Wunstorf) 6; 5. Hermann Blum (Haan) 11; 6. Jörg Legien (Düsseldorf) 15.

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