Surprising Result In The Fastnet Race

Regatta 2023

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Surprising Result In The Fastnet Race
Surprising Result In The Fastnet Race

Video: Surprising Result In The Fastnet Race

Video: Surprising Result In The Fastnet Race
Video: Rolex Fastnet Race – an epic challenge 2023, May

A yacht of only 33 feet, the Nicholson 33 "Iromiguy" from France, won the Fastnet Race after a calculated time. The winner after sailing time "ICAP Maximus" fell in the overall ranking to 115th place, but was at least able to keep her first place in the IRC Super 0 class.

The leadership in the Fastnet Race changed towards the end of the regatta permanent. The wind picked up a little from Thursday, which gave the smaller yachts an advantage: It was easy for them to outperform their racing value, while the large ships that had long since arrived in Plymouth could no longer take advantage of the better wind conditions. So the case occurred that the favorite “ICAP Maximus”, who had already crossed the finish line on Wednesday at 8:22:07 am, had to watch from Thursday evening how one yacht replaced the other in first place, and “ICAP Maximus”slid down the list himself. Finally, the French Nicholson 33 "Iromiguy" was the winner. Age: 29 years! She crossed the finish line at 12:24 p.m. BST on Friday.

The skipper Jean-Yves Chateau, who had actually wanted to buy a new boat, has clearly invested in the right place for his boat, which at first glance looked a bit shabby: he bought new sails for the Fastnet Race. “New sails are important,” says Chateau, who believes the sale value of his yacht is less than the value of the sails.

The team on the "Iromiguy" consists entirely of amateur sailors. But both the skipper Chateau and his crew of six, who have the full confidence of the skipper, are very experienced and have sailed many regattas. Chateau has already participated in four Fastnet Races; two years ago he took second place in his class. “I came back to try to win my class this year,” said Chateau, “but didn't think I could win the entire race. It's unbelievable, a childhood dream."

The German Maxi "Uca" drawn by the designers Judel / Vrolijk, which was briefly in second place in calculated time, fared like all large yachts: The "Uca" was merciless on the smaller yachts, which had better wind conditions overall Results list pushed down. So she, who crossed the finish line as the eighth boat, now has to be content with place 243. In her class (IRC Super 0) she is in 8th place.

Of the other three yachts with the country code GER in their sails, none could achieve an excellent place. "Xenia", an IMX 38, was ranked 100th in its class (IRC 1) and 15th. "Walross III", a Swan 55, was ranked 24th in its class (IRC 1) and 137th overall. However, she gets at least 28 places penalty. “Haze”, a Luffe 48, was ranked 17th in class IRC 0 and ranked 168th in the overall ranking.

The Open 60s also proved to be a particularly exciting competition, in which the “Virbac-Paprec” with skipper Jean-Pierre Dick crossed the finish line just 13 minutes before Bernard Stamm and his “Cheminées-Poujoulat”. However, because “Virbac-Paprec” got penalty points for “outside assistance” (she ran aground and had to be freed, so she called on “outside help”), the victory ultimately went to Bernard Stamm from Switzerland "Cheminées-Poujoulat".

Preliminary results (August 13, 11 a.m.)

IRC Winner over all, calculated time: Iromiguy, Nicholson 33, Jean-Yves ChateauWinner over all, time sailed (line honors): ICAP Maximus, Charles St. Clair & Bill Buckle

IRM Winner over everything: Too Steamy, Farr 40, Nick & Annie HaighFirst yacht after sailing time (in this class): Leopard of London, Reichel / Pugh, Mike Slad

IRC - Super 0 1) ICAP Maximus, Elliott 30m, EBS Yachting2) Patches, TP 52, Eamon Conneely3) Bear of Britain, Farr 52, Kit Hobda

IRC - 0 1) Thunder 2, Mills 37, Robert Boulter2) Satori, Grand Soleil 45, Steven Blom3) Moana, First 47.7, Francois Gouba

IRC - 1 1) Bounty Hunter, Prim38, Roger Dunstan2) Ster If 5, X 442, Guy Sallenave3) PumLogic, Reflex 38, Sailing Logi

IRC - 2nd 1) Winsome, S & S 41, Harry Heijst2) Night and Day, J 105, Pascal Loison3) Groupe Paprec, X 332, Jacques Amede

IRC - 3rd 1) Iromiguy, Nicholson 33, Jean-Yves Chateau2) Cavatina, Granad38, Eric Lisson 3) Exile, X 312, Nicholas de lFournier

IRM 1) Too Steamy, Farr 40, Nick & Annie Haigh2) Cacharaza, Farr 40, Marcos Vivian de l Pedrosa3) Hooligan V, Max Fun 35, Edward Broadwa

Multihulls 1) Tancrede, Normanni 34, Joel Malardel2) Dazzle, Dazcat 12, Michael Butterfield3) Paradox, Dazcat 10m, Matt Bake

Two-handed 1) Night and Day, J 105, Pascal Loison2) Berrimilla, Brolg 33, Alex Whitworth3) Sixes and Sevens, Sigm33, Pip Dwyer / Jon Brockhous

Open 60 1) Fireplace Poujoulat, Bernard Stamm2) Virbac-Paprec, Jean-Pierre Dick 3) Sill & Véolia, Roland Jourdai

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