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Exhibition Exhibitor Very Satisfied
Exhibition Exhibitor Very Satisfied

Video: Exhibition Exhibitor Very Satisfied

Video: Exhibition Exhibitor Very Satisfied
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Well-attended hall of the hanseboot in Hamburg

Despite the slight decline in visitor numbers, trade fair organizers and around 800 exhibitors are satisfied with this year's hanseboot. "Fewer visitors came to us than before, but they were the right people," said Jonn Minners, for example, who sells Delphia and Jeanneau yachts.

According to Bernd Aufderheide, Chairman of the Management Board of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, hanseboot 2008 went much better than expected given the daily media reports on the financial and economic crisis.

Around 100,000 visitors (previous year: 105,549) came on the nine days of the exhibition. With 22,000 visitors, the hanseboot port on timbers wall was slightly less frequented than in the previous year (25,000).

The 800 exhibitors in the hanseboot port and in the eleven halls of Hamburg Messe were satisfied and drew a positive conclusion. The buying interest was apparently higher than expected. Manufacturers and distributors of equipment and accessories are said to have posted good sales.

Boat yards and yacht dealers also reported many sales deals and, in view of the many intensive consultations and specific offers, expect successful follow-up business. The fascination and longing of people to go on the water thus seems to be unbroken.

“In a difficult economic environment, the willingness to buy was higher than expected. The majority of my members were satisfied with the way hanseboot went,”confirmed Claus-Ehlert Meyer, Managing Director of the German Boat and Shipbuilding Association (DBSV). According to Meyer, the reason for the predominantly positive balance of the exhibitors is also "the many different industry segments that are never simultaneously and to the same extent affected by economic fluctuations".

Voices from the exhibitors:

Michael Schmidt, HanseYacht AG: “It was better than we expected. A clear trend: the interest is going back to smaller boats."

Jonn Minners, Tempo Yachtvertrieb (Delphi and Jeanneau): “Fewer visitors came to us, but they were the right ones. We have sold yachts and are expecting good post-fair business."

Thomas Nielsen, Yachtsport Eckernförde (Dufour): “You can tell that planned yacht purchases are being postponed. However, the situation is not as bad as you can read in the newspapers every day. I even believe that some people came to hanseboot with the idea: Now I'll treat myself to something."

Ulrich Schürg, Blue Yachting (Harmony and Feeling): “We are enjoying great interest with our sailing yachts. In the hanseboot port in particular, things went very well. The sailors do not seem to be affected by the financial crisis. Anyone who has planned to buy a yacht in the long term will do so now."

Rainer Kürten, North Yachting (Arconund Malö): “I'm almost euphoric about how hanseboot went. The new Arcon430 is particularly popular with us."

Chistoph Barth, X-Yachts Germany: “It was much better than expected and we were even able to close deals at the trade fair. At hanseboot, we always find the visitors that are of interest to us. 2007 was a very good year, and if it's a little less now, that's okay too."

John Welding, Nautor’s Swan Germany (Swan and Finngulf): “At the moment, many buyers lack the power of decision. However, there were many good conversations and the hope for follow-up business."

Magnus Rassy, Hallberg-Rassy: “2007 was a very good year, it won't be repeated. We sell throughout the year, so hanseboot counts primarily when it comes to making contact. With our new HR 372, we are addressing a completely new, sport-oriented clientele, and there is great interest."

Torsten Bergheim, BM Yachting (Bénéteau): “The buying interest is significantly higher than expected. The clientele is high quality, we mainly receive very serious inquiries. Customers are not deterred and are ready to spend money. Especially for the area over 40 feet."

Christian Brandt, Onsail (dinghies and skiffs): “It's good that the class associations and dealers in Hall B5 are finally under one roof. Many have noticed that you can have a lot of fun with little effort and that you don't need a large yacht."

Thomas Jungblut, North Sails (sailmaker): “Here we feel like we are on an island of bliss. Even before the fair, we didn't see it black, but business is actually going unchecked for us. We don't see any break-ins. We consider the new presentation of the trade fair and the division of the halls to be a major step forward."

Peter Frisch (equipment, accessories, clothing): “The desire and joy in water sports is unbroken. If the buyer is reluctant to buy a boat, we usually benefit from it. We will have slightly less sales than last year, but we are satisfied. We see the trade fair as a marketing tool that also has long-term effects."

Helge von der Linden (boat coatings, paints, building materials): “The so-called 'after-market' is relatively crisis-proof. Reluctance can be felt in large new construction projects. We are seeing fewer repaints, the old yacht is more likely to be refurbished. But we are absolutely satisfied and have had many long-term discussions."

Christian Eschenburg, Scansail (yacht charter): “It was the best hanseboot for 25 years. We had an excellent location and are enthusiastic about the specialist audience in Hamburg."

Harald Baum, Pantaenius (yacht insurance): “We can clearly see that the interest in sailing and nature is not diminishing. We are on the same level as last year in terms of interest and inquiries."

Frauke Klatt, Maritime Art: “In view of the situation, I am very, very satisfied. I am very happy with the stand. There are fewer visitors, but they are targeted."

Hanseboot 2009, the 50th Hamburg International Boat Show, will take place from October 24th to November 1st, 2009 on the grounds of the Hamburg Exhibition Center and in the hanseboot harbor.

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