European Boats Also Top In The USA

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European Boats Also Top In The USA
European Boats Also Top In The USA

Video: European Boats Also Top In The USA

Video: European Boats Also Top In The USA
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Best cruiser / racer: Denmark's X-34 won like many other Europeans in the USA

It is the continuation of a trend: yachts from Europe are increasingly dominating the top polls in the USA. The 2009 winners' lists confirm the development. Eight out of 14 titles were won by European boats.

The one from the trade magazine Cruising World The following yachts won the award:

- Malö 37 - Best foreign boat- Dufour 40 Performance - Best mid-size cruiser - Dufour 525 - Best full-size cruise- X-34 - Best Cruiser / Racer- Beneteau 34 - Best price / performance rati

In addition, the Moorings 43.3 was also recognized as the best "special-purpose boat". It is manufactured and configured in the US for the charter market, but is a development by Bénéteau. If you include them, the preponderance of Europeans is downright overwhelming. They got six out of nine wins.

From the US, only the Island Packet 460 prevailed, winning two categories (boat of the year inland and best long-haul boat), and the Catalin375 (best cruising boat between 30 and 40 feet).

At the Boat of the Year Award from Sailing World, the sportier sister of the specialist magazine Cruising World, won from Europe:

- Archambault 35 - Laser performance bu

It is noticeable that many of the winners in this country have been in sales for a long time. This can be explained by the delayed market launch of the models in North America, but also by the not always clearly understandable modalities of the nomination.

The choice is more important internationally Europe's yacht of the year. This is where the winners will be determined in the coming weeks after extensive tests of all candidates took place in September and November. The award ceremony will take place on January 17th at Boot Düsseldorf. Results exclusively on YACHT online from January 18th!

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