German Tempest World Champion

Regatta 2023

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German Tempest World Champion
German Tempest World Champion

Video: German Tempest World Champion

Video: German Tempest World Champion

With four wins from six races, Christian Schäfer and his new bowman Frank Weigelt had his eighth World Championship title in the former Olympic Tempest class one race before the end. This is Schäfer's second title win this season after winning the German championship in the Dyas.

“After the first race, we adjusted very well to the sometimes difficult conditions at the Attersee. During the three days we were always where the wind was - to put it simply: always in the right place at the right time,”says the helmsman.

Defending champion Boite / Toupet (FRA) won the fight for the silver medal after a dramatic final race against Berlin’s Bähr / Spranger.

The Swiss Suter / Hochuli achieved a great success with fourth place overall and victories in the first and seventh races. For the Austrians, it wasn't enough to achieve a hoped-for top ten place in the end. The best local representatives were the Carinthian Bezzi / Bezzi in twelfth place, closely followed by the Salzburg Ebster / Steininger (14th place).

After the patience of the first two days, due to bad wind conditions, the weather gods are forgiving of the organizers and participants. On Wednesday and Thursday there were two races each, and on Friday even three in great sailing weather.

“After a long wait, the participants were tested in both weak and turning winds to the end even in strong winds. Here the best won,”said race director Gert Schmidleitner, drawing his personal summary.

After the Tempest World Cup in 2005, there were smiling faces at the organizer, Segelclub Kammersee. SCK President Carl Auteried: “A great success for the club to successfully handle such an event. We are convinced that we have done particularly excellent advertising for tourism and for the image of the region and the Attersee."

Christoph Schindler, head of the organizing committee: “We saw excellent sailing here. Not only economically, but also in terms of sport, we have set impulses in and for this region with this world championship."

Results1. Christian Schäfer / Frank Weigelt, GER, 112. Philippe Boite / Fabrice Toupet, FRA, 193. Rolf Bähr / Christian Spranger, GER, 244. Mario Suter / Andreas Hochuli, SUI, 255. Jörg Fleischer / Ralf Höhler, GER, 286. Klaus Rösch / Max Reichert, GER, 297. Beat Baumann / Sämi Wyrsch, SUI, 468. Michael Schmohl / Ralph Ostertag, GER, 489. Peter Ringmaier / Toni Kössel, GER, 5210. Gerhard Albrecht / Manfred Singer, GER, 6

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