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Victory For Local Hero
Victory For Local Hero

Video: Victory For Local Hero

Video: Victory For Local Hero
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“Seven starts, seven wins” - that is the sensational success account of Tino Ellegast (27) from the Konstanz school sailing club. He also defeated the German match race champions Andreas Willim and Carsten Kemmling, both from the Düsseldorf Yacht Club.

"The young man from Constance sails almost flawlessly," enthused television sailing commentator Christoph Schumann. Tino Ellegast has won the "wildecard" for the Match Race Germany at Whitsun 2006 off Langenargen.

In a direct comparison Ellegast against Andreas Willim and Carsten Kemmling, Tino Ellegast's sovereign victory became apparent early on. Andreas Willim was able to achieve a total of five wins, closely followed by the two-time German champion in the match race Carsten Kemmling with a total of four wins.

The direct encounter between the two fell victim to the doldrums, as Kemmling could have overtaken his former Flying Dutchman helmsman Andreas Willim with another victory.

Due to the weak winds, instead of the planned finals, the ranking list “everyone against everyone” was used for the placement. Nevertheless, the remaining three of nine laps with 25 individual starts could be carried out by the regatta crew led by Rudi Magg from the Langenargen Yacht Club. Unfortunately, the last lap had to be shot down because of the falling wind.

Numerous spectators followed the races with great interest directly from the promenade in Friedrichshafen. Sailing commentator Christoph Schumann explained the rules of the match race to the audience in easily understandable words and introduced the German match race elite.

At the final press conference, sailors, referees and the race committee commented on the spectacular events on the water - from penalties, protests and disqualifications to exciting encounters between the elite sailors.

Dirk Kreidenweiß from Messe Friedrichshafen presented the lucky winner Tino Ellegast with the "wildcard" for the Match Race Germany next year before Langenargen.

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