Counselor 2023, November

Clever Installation Of Equipment: Equipment Racks And Brackets

What to do with solar panels and antennas? An equipment rack is practical, but expensive. Advantages and disadvantages, alternatives and self-assembly instructions, in the PDF download

Anchorage Aid For Cross Winds

In a box with stretch ropes between the bridge and the dolphin, the hook line helps in the maneuver before driving away to the side

Backrest As A Lee Sail

Sit comfortably in the salon and turn the bench into a bunk on the go: the backrest can be repositioned and has a double purpose

To The New Season

Our tipster prepared for the fattening at the turn of the year. Then you can start right away

Polish Like A Pro: The Right Means And Techniques

Chalked gelcoat is more than a visual problem; it accelerates the decay of the trunk. How the shine comes back and is retained in the long term

Wintering Like Professionals 1: Submarine, Rudder, Rig And Sails

Proper care of the underwater hull, rudder system, rig and sails: professionals reveal their best tips and tricks

Who Is Liable For Corona-related Damage?

Due to border closures or access restrictions, owners still sometimes cannot get to their boats. But what happens in the event of damage?

Insurance Money If The Engine Goes On Strike

Pantaenius extends the coverage of its comprehensive policies. Damage to the engine is now also insured, even if it occurs as a result of incorrect operation

Boots Policy At The Click Of A Mouse

New online insurance portal of the Munich yacht insurance broker Bavaria AG. Contracts with an insured sum of up to 50,000 euros are offered

Sailors Have To Be Able To Do These Six Knots

These knots are part of the basic equipment of the complete sailor. Expert Egmont Friedl shows six of the most important nodes in short videos

Search, Stopper, Bilge - How To Seal Leaks Quickly

If the floor boards are already floating due to ingress of water, every second counts. This guide will help you find leaks effectively and prevent major damage

Storm In The Harbor: Securing The Yacht Properly

When there is a storm warning, owners always fight against time. Well prepared, stress and damage can be avoided. The most important steps at a glance

Reefing The Right Way: Basic Trim In Strong Winds

Staying in port because it's too rough outside? You can sail well even in winds above 7 Beaufort - if you know the correct sail settings

Towing Part I: Preparation, Cable Length And Guidance

In the spring, the sea rescuers have to go out to tow particularly often. In an emergency, it helps to know the basic rules and processes

Series: Trim Of Main, Genoa And Gennaker

Better performance without new sails? Yes! These tips for the optimal adjustment of the sail show how to do it. Part 1: mainsail

11 Tips For Beginners For The First Time As A Skipper

Sole skipper of a charter yacht for the first time? With these tricks you can enjoy your vacation and become a confident skipper in the process

On The Move With Double Rudders: You Must Know That

Two rudder blades are widespread and can also be found on smaller and smaller yachts. What are the pros and cons? And what do owners need to know?

Enclose Or Expire? So You Lie Calmer In A Storm

Enclosing is contrary to the ambition of many sailors. It is often the energy-saving alternative to the pointless cross against one another - Part I of the storm special

Harbor Maneuvers: 9 Berthing Variants For Single-handed Sailors

What to do if the usual feeder suddenly has to be completed with one hand and it blows hard? Stay calm - with these tricks you can master every maneuver

You Must Know These 9 Catamaran Port Maneuvers

Mooring and casting off with catamarans and their two machines cannot be easier than with monohulls, not in spite of but because of their large width

Right Of Way And Evasive Action: Sailors Need To Know These Rules

Which order applies where? Does "lee before windward" apply without exception? What does the "last minute maneuver" actually mean legally? Our special provides answers

These 10 Tricks Will Help With Any Boat Breakdown

Smaller technical defects can usually be fixed quickly - even by charterers. 10 screwdriver tricks for carefree sailing trips

10 Tips Against Seasickness - Part 1

Nothing takes away from the fun of sailing like nausea and dizziness. This can be prevented. Part 1 of our special for relaxed trips without nausea

Why Do You Need A Clicker?

How a wind indicator can best help with steering and what the indicators that are often placed underneath are all about. Now in PDF download

Wintering: Before The Frost

Which activities make sense at the end of the season and how the yacht can be winterized. Most of the work can be done in autumn - as a PDF download

Wintering Professionals 2: Hull, Electrics, Engine, Fittings

In the second part of our series, the professionals reveal their best tips and tricks for the maintenance and care of four other core areas

What The Stars Tell Us

Astronavigation, many shy away from that. Fiddling with sextants and tables seems time-consuming, too complicated. But you can also do without it! In the PDF download

Anchoring Better, Part 3: Anchoring Maneuvers Step By Step

Is the marina crowded? Why not go into the bay? We explain the correct handling of the anchor, step by step, in graphics. In the PDF download

Better Anchor: Now With A New Formula

Those who can do arithmetic have a clear advantage: the chain has to be longer than the textbook says, especially in shallow water. This is shown by the latest calculations

Workbench In The Forecastle

A special insert board enlarges the bow berth for the night's rest and, if turned over, serves as a workbench

Support For The Grinder

Grinding the underwater hull without pain: an auxiliary construction protects your back and speeds up work

Insurance For Sailors

What policies are there for owners and charter sailors, skippers and crews? And what are they good for? The insurance companies at a glance

The Right Policy For Everyone

The best sailor is not immune to an accident. Everyone should protect themselves accordingly. But for whom is which contract useful?

What To Do After A Claim?

In the event of an accident, the crew and, if possible, the boat must be rescued. And then? Requirements for the insurance to provide replacement quickly

How To Read The Fine Print

The most important terms and definitions from the field of water sports policies for policyholders, in alphabetical order

Checklist: How To Do Everything Right

Very few have ever been robbed or involved in a collision, let alone wrecked. What then matters

Yacht Insurance: Insured, But Right

Which policy do you need for the boat? Who is the best provider? And what is important in the small print? We deliver the answers

Yacht Insurance: Brokers, Brokers And Agencies

There are numerous providers of water sports insurance in Germany. Below you will find the most important companies for sailors

Rights And Duties Of Injured Parties

Lawyer Dr. Heyko Wychodil

Build Small Boats Yourself: Types, Costs, Experience Reports

To build a ship once - a dream for many. In the small boat segment, this actually comes true quite easily, because there are blueprints and kits. Now in PDF download