Current 2023, March

Keep Your Eyes Open When Buying A Boat - Tips From An Expert

On Tuesday, our webinar series will focus on buying a yacht. Timo Volgmann from MCS is there as an expert. Register now, participation is free

Circumnavigation With Family 1977 To 1984: Documentation Online

Joachim Campe filmed how his family was one of the first to circumnavigate the world. The spectacular recordings are now online. An interview begins

Trade Fair Premiere With A Mask: A Successful Start To The Interboot

The first autumn fair with Corona requirements started on Lake Constance on Saturday. Exhibitors and trade fair management are satisfied so far. It is open until Sunday

“Beijing” On Course For Hamburg

The legendary Flying P-Liner has been on its way since the early hours of the morning. Tonight he should reach his berth within sight of the Elbphilharmonie

Boat Building Adventure: The First Do-it-yourself Minis Are Created

The idea of a seaworthy small cruiser electrified many do-it-yourselfers. Now the first boats are actually being built - also in Germany

Trip To The North Pole: Long-distance Family Sailed Around Svalbard

20 years ago the Schwörer family set out to sail around the world and have only now returned to Europe. Your latest adventure: 81 degrees north and back

Ladies Only - Book Now: YACHT Training For Female Skippers

With 1st class yacht charter and Musto, we will again be holding a special training session for women sailors in Heiligenhafen in 2020

"Gorch Fock" Is Swimming Again

The sailing training ship of the Navy came out of the dry dock today after months of renovation. In May it should be back on the road for the first time

Paths On The Water - From A Taster Course To A Driver's License

On Tuesday, our webinar series will be all about training. Richard Jeske from Well Sailing is there as an expert. Participation is free

All Good Things Come In Threes: Compact Webinar For Beginners

If you couldn't be there on Tuesday or Thursday, you have another chance to take part in our free webinar this afternoon. It starts at 4 p.m

Knowledge For Circumnavigators: Six Books Explain How It's Done

The right ship, good equipment, costs, weather information, route planning - anyone who wants to sail around the world has a lot to clarify. Which wanderlust books help

Compact Webinar For Beginners - 2nd Chance

If you couldn't be there on Tuesday afternoon, you have the opportunity to take part in our free webinar this evening. At 7 pm it starts

Countdown To Our New Entry-level Webinar Series

It starts today: At 3 p.m. our first webinar on the subject of "Compact beginners' knowledge" starts. If you want to be there, you just need to register for free

Spectacular Vendée Globe Motifs For The Living Room

The regatta photographers Andreas Lindlahr and Jean-Marie Liot accompanied Boris Herrmann with the camera. The result is spectacular shots

Marine Forecast From BSH - Unfortunately Not Yet Helpful

The new BSH Internet portal is intended to bundle weather forecasts and tide information. Important data such as the wind direction are currently still missing

Warning Of Floods In The Baltic Sea

The German coast was largely spared from the snow storm. Now, however, the level is rising above all on the Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein

Jon Sanders: 11th Circumnavigation At The Age Of 81

On Sunday, the 81-year-old reached his port of departure, Fremantle, Australia. It took him a year and three months to sail around the world in stages

Advice On The Screen

The Hamburg boat insurance broker Pantaenius is now offering video chats with insurance experts for new and existing customers

These Are The Winners Of The YACHT Advent Calendar 2020

At Christmas time there were prizes worth a total of over 15,800 euros for the readers of YACHT, BOOTE and SURF. You can find the winners here

Books And Advice: Virtual Program Instead Of An Exhibition Stand

Reading samples, online advice, bargains, videos: Delius Klasing Verlag is offering a new offer on its social media channels from January 23rd to 31st

Boot Düsseldorf In April Is Canceled

The alternative date for the fair in spring cannot be kept in view of the infection situation. The next boot is to take place in January 2022

Long Trip Knowledge Via Zoom Conference For At Home Or On Board

From route planning to piracy: Trans-Ocean illuminates exciting topics related to blue water sailing in a new, free online seminar series

On Top Again

The pilot schooner "No. 5 Elbe" has been repaired at the shipyard in Hvide Sande, Denmark. As soon as the weather is right, it should go home in tow

Ex- "Rubin" Sunk Off Cuxhaven - Crew In Life Raft

The former German Admiral's Cup yacht had apparently collided with seven sailors from Poland in a fairway buoy and had radioed "Mayday"

Like A Wave In The Sea

This month, YACHT photographer Nico Krauss is exhibiting some of his most beautiful landscape photos in an old warehouse in Kappeln an der Schlei

The Finkbeiners Want To Go On A Long Journey With This Boat

Sail around the world in just nine meters? Martin and Friederike Finkbeiner want to give their "Aracanga" a try. The short portrait of your blue water yacht

This Is The Aracanga Crew

Martin and Friederike Finkbeiner want to sail around the world in just nine meters. But who are they actually? The short portrait of the adventurers

Adventure Africa: On The Way On The Gambia River, Part II

Crocodiles, hippos, chimpanzees, baboons: Friederike and Martin Finkbeiner continue their exciting river trip with their "Aracanga". Your current report

Adventure Africa - Under Sail To Senegal

Friederike and Martin Finkbeiner have been on the road with their "Aracanga" since last summer. They are now exploring the west coast of Africa. Your exciting report

Adventure Africa: On The Gambia River

Friederike and Martin Finkbeiner have been on the road with their "Aracanga" since last summer. They have been exploring the west coast of Africa since the beginning of the year. Your report

Islands In The Trade Wind

Friederike and Martin Finkbeiner have been traveling with their "Aracanga" since July. They spent Christmas and New Year's in Cape Verde

So Close Yet So Far

Friederike and Martin Finkbeiner have been on a long trip since July. In the meantime they have reached Morocco - and imagine themselves there in a fairy tale from 1001 Nights

Better Late Than Never: In 37 Years For The First Time At The Sea

After almost 40 years on Lake Constance, Friederike and Martin Finkbeiner's "Aracanga" has salt water under the keel for the first time. From the south of France it goes to Gibraltar

Lots Of Wind, Little Wind - And A Long To-do List

Friederike and Martin Finkbeiner have been on the road since July. After a sometimes arduous crossing, they have reached the Canary Islands - and there is a lot to do there

From Fresh Water To Salt Water

Friederike and Martin Finkbeiner have been on the road for a month. First of all, they want to go to the Mediterranean via rivers and canals. However, there is a lack of water

From Lake Constance Boats To Blue Water Yachts

Friederike and Martin Finkbeiner want to go around the world. It's the first time for her, he's already done one lap. Here he reports on the (new) beginning

A Long-range Sailing GRP Classic

The 40-year-old Contest 33 was completely overhauled in two years and converted for use as a blue water yacht

Around The World For Two At Ten Meters

After graduating from high school, Johannes Erdmann crossed the Atlantic with one hand. He's taking his girlfriend Cati Trapp with him on the next big trip

Alone Across The Atlantic

The 19-year-old high school graduate Johannes Erdmann is fulfilling his big dream: He sets sail and conquers the Atlantic Ocean with one hand

Great Train Station For The "Maverick Too"

It is done: After two years on a trip, Johannes Erdmann and Cati Trapp have reached their home port. The reception was overwhelming