Equipment 2023, March

Baselayer For Cold Days

Whether in winter storage or on the first trip of the year: The temperatures are fresh and keeping warm is the order of the day. This works best with good functional underwear

Trap Stopper: Seven Current Models In The Test

With lever clamps you have the choice between more or less biting metal parts and textile alternatives with enormous holding forces. The test in PDF download

Small All-rounders: Eight Multitools Put To The Test

The multitool is now part of the sensible personal basic equipment of every sailor. We tried eight of the little helpers

Sail Knife For All Cases

Folded for daily use in your pocket, in the toolbox or always ready to hand in the cockpit in an emergency: sailing knife. The test in PDF download

Flexi Stick On: Flexible Adhesive Padeye For Curved Surfaces

The new Dyneema eyes from Loop should also be able to be mounted on masts and rounded deck areas

Practical Grills For On The Go

Outdoor dining: juicy steaks, roasted vegetables or a couple of hearty sausages always work. Here come the fiery companions for winter storage and shore leave

Rent Sails Instead Of Buying Them

A Code Zero with a furler is expensive. If you only rarely use it, you can now borrow it. It's not cheap, but it's always cheaper than buying

Sailing In Spring: 5 Tips Against The Cold

Sailing is also fun in the cold season. With warm clothing, thick socks and some other equipment, the cold and frost have no chance

Electric Outboard: E-Propulsion With New Models

The fast growing manufacturer of e-outboards and pods comes with new models and features: recuperation and MOB wristband

Upgrades Below Deck

How much comfort should it be? Below deck it's not so much about sailing performance, but a cozy interior enhances the trip

What Dogs Need On Board: Ten Tips

If you want to sail with your dog, you have to make a little space in the Schapp: Because even your four-legged friend needs a minimum of equipment. Here come the basics

Sailors Shop Here At Particularly Affordable Prices

New oilskins, finally a life raft or new sailing shoes: you could always buy something. This week shopping for sailors is particularly worthwhile

Warm Feet Thanks To The Boot Dryer

If you don't want to give up sailing in winter, you have to prepare your boat and equipment for low temperatures. With warm air against wet socks

Back On Board: MOB Systems Put To The Test

Three new life-saving appliances should help to re-establish contact with people who have fallen into the water and to get them on deck. In the PDF download

Furling Booms: Mainsail Well Wound

The larger the sails, the more complex the handling. Modern roller booms promise comfortable setting, reefing and recovery. The market overview in PDF download

Fed Up With Water

Abundant fresh water is a real luxury in a salty environment - one that can be brought on board. Watermaker systems and installation, now in PDF download

The Big Oilskin Test: Ten Models For The Coastal Area

In the best case, the oilskin stays in place. But a rainy day always comes in between: With the right clothes, nothing stands in the way of a beautiful day of sailing

Gas Grill For On Board

Less dirt, quicker to use and suitable for cooking meat and vegetables on deck or on the bathing platform: gas instead of coal offers advantages

Lifejacket Test: 16 Models In Comparison

Automatic vests of the 150 Newton class are part of the basic equipment of every seagoing yacht. They are also designed to prevent unconscious people from drowning

These Boat Shoes Performed Best In The Test

On board, they do heavy work in wind and weather, have to have grip, be well ventilated and sit comfortably: boat shoes. We tested them

SUPs For Sailors

Small boards fit well in the locker, but do not go straight ahead and are wobbly. We show what works better with. Purchase advice in PDF download

Boat Shoes For Sailors

They provide the necessary support when in position and protect the feet: sailing shoes shouldn't just look good. Eleven current models in the test, now in PDF download

Navigate With The Tablet Or Smartphone

Navi apps offer more and more features and are on board with many crews on their own mobile device. The best apps in comparison. Now in PDF download

Calibration: Instructions For Compass, Depth Sounder, Log And Wind

The instruments only deliver usable values if the transmitters are correctly adjusted. How to correct the measurement errors of solder and Co., now in the PDF download

Heaters In A Comparison Test

Extend the season, dry the ship inside, create a comfortable climate: heating increases the comfort on board drastically. The test in PDF download

Radar Antennas: Eyes For Night And Fog

Radar antennas are getting better, more reliable, and they consume less electricity. We tested the four current types. Now in PDF download

Buying Advice On Cordage: Which Fiber Is The Right One

The material and construction determine the properties of the rope. The optimal combination for traps, sheets and mooring lines, now available as a PDF download

Easier Thanks To The Radio Test With SRC Learning Software

Safe operation of the radio is required in the test. Routine for this should bring training with learning software. Everything about programs can now be downloaded as a PDF

Space Equipment For Space Wind Sails

What equipment is necessary for the gennaker, Code Zero and Spi and what you should consider when choosing the fittings - now in the PDF download

Life Jackets: Are They Really Faint-proof?

Automatic vests of the 275 Newton class are the first choice when it comes to equipment for ocean cruises. 15 current models in the test, now in PDF download

Space Wind Drive: More Speed And Comfort Thanks To Wing Sails

Long established in the long-haul scene, but can also be used for short trips? We tried three new wing sails. The report can now be downloaded as a PDF

Life Jacket With High Wearing Comfort

The automatic vest Ergofit Plus from Crewsaver scores with a good fit and features. We tried them out

Life Jackets: 150 Newton Class Life Balloons

Which life jacket is the best and how do you put it on correctly and put it back together after use? The test in PDF download

Electric Vehicles: E-asy Rider

Small electric vehicles are conquering the big cities. Could the speedsters be an alternative to the folding bike for sailors? The report as a PDF download

Trailblazer As A Shore Leave Helper

What does a gangway have to do and what are the differences? Everything about the helper for shore leave. The overview is now available as a PDF download

Binoculars Put To The Test: Small Optics, Large Picture

The current generation of 10x42 glasses is lighter and better. Do they become an alternative to classic marine glass? The test in PDF download

LED Flashlights In A Comparison Test

Handy instead of bulky: LED technology makes the classic searchlight with cable superfluous. We tried seven lamps. The test in PDF download

One-handed Winch Handles For Quick Changes

Convenient and quick operation, no more hooks: modern one-hand cranks are an asset. We tested four models. The test in PDF download

Lighting: LED Lanterns In The Test

What can LED lanterns do that good old Feuerhand can't? We compared nine battery-powered models. The test in PDF download

Safety Equipment: On A Leash

Man overboard - every sailor's nightmare! But if you lean on properly, you can minimize the risk. The guide in PDF download