Events 2023, March

5 Weeks Of Summer! Young Sailors On A Trip

Elsa and Wolff were able to fully enjoy this summer with their Dehler 34 and changing friends on board. A film from the "YACHT Youngsters" series

Danish South Seas - The Perfect Summer Cruise

That increases the desire for the coming season again considerably: two chartered Dehler 38s, one summer, 12 young people, 2 weeks … The perfect summer trip

Beginners Webinar For Everyone

For the first time, YACHT and BOOTE and their partner Pantaenius Yacht Insurance are presenting a series of webinars for beginners in water sports

Sunsail Is Building A One-design Racer Fleet

The British are sending a fleet of 15 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 41.0s to Portsmouth at the start of the season. The boats are ideal for regattas, events and training

Croatia Wants To Simplify Driving License Regulations

According to the Association of German Yacht Charter Companies (VDC), charter skippers will in future be able to operate large cats even without SSS UPDATE 7.2

The Top 10 Damage On Charter Yachts

Every charter sailor hates them, the small or large defects on board. What problems do crews have on board? The results of the YACHT online survey

The Balearic Islands Take It Seriously: Penalties For Incorrect Anchoring

The authorities of the Spanish archipelago control around 86,000 crews at anchorage in 2019 and also impose fines for polluters

Bahamas Charter Fleets With Limited Damage

"Dorian" is the strongest hurricane that has ever raged in the area. The floods are massive and five people have died so far

Big Survey: What Was Wrong With Your Charter Yacht?

Charter crews get annoyed again and again about malfunctioning equipment and damage on board. What is the most common breakdown?

Kornati: Now Also Fees In Taverns?

The first crews report that the Konoba hosts have asked for the national park ticket. If you don't have one, they offer a discounted ticket

The 60 Most Dangerous Shallows On The Swedish West Coast

The number of ground contacts rose by 20 percent last summer, and a data set with the most frequently visited stones should help avoid accidents

Lippe Harbor Free Again

The dispute over the dredging of the driveway continued for a long time, now the country solved the problem and dredged the driveway at its own expense

New Marina In Dubrovnik

Marina Frapa has opened a second branch. The completed port stood empty for almost two years because there was trouble with the operating permit. Now it is opened

New App Now Also With Vector Maps

NV-Verlag has revised its navigation app and offers new technology, new areas and more features

Lindaunis Bridge Open Again Only To A Limited Extent

In May, work on the ailing railway bridge is going on again and there are only a few opening times. All data at a glance to avoid long waiting times

New Marina For Santorini?

The Greek Ministry of Economic Affairs and the local authorities present a plan for a new port on the east coast

Greece Publishes Tax Details

From May on, crews with their own boat have to pay high fishing fees. The announced online payment procedure does not work, crews have to go to the port authority

Does Turkey Force Charter Yachts To Fly The Turkish Flag?

Shortly before the elections in Turkey, the Ministry of Tourism is planning to ban charter yachts flying a foreign flag in the country. UPDATE: Postponed to 2020

Charter Contract: Small Print With Fatal Consequences

A charter contract includes countless details, which can sometimes be interpreted to the detriment of the sailors. Charter sailors should know that

Norway's Beacons Get New Sectors

The Norwegian Kystverket is converting to the IALA standard, thereby changing the sectors of around 1900 lighthouses and fires

Everything That Belongs In The Sail Bag

Charter yachts are often only provided with the bare essentials. What personal equipment and more should be taken with you on the trip

Taking Over A Charter Yacht

Taking over a charter yacht is one of the most important moments of the vacation trip. Mistakes or inattentiveness can ruin the whole vacation

Yacht Charter Germany: Rügen To Usedom

The trip around Rügen is undoubtedly the sailing highlight on the German coast. It is so varied that you can even sail it several times

Yacht Charter Germany: Flensburg To Kiel

The local area from the Flensburg Fjord to Fehmarn offers beautiful city harbors, lots of nature in the Schlei and optimal sailing conditions

Yacht Charter Croatia: From Split To Dubrovnik

The south of the country is currently the most popular destination on the Croatian coast. For good reason: the big islands have their own flair

Yacht Charter France: Côte D'Azur And Iles D'Hyères

Along the coast between Marseille and Nice there is an area that has a lot to offer from anchor bays in grandiose nature to the hustle and bustle of jet set

Yacht Charter Italy: Elba And The Tuscan Archipelago

The islands in front of the Italian mainland are a simple area, offer a lot of Italian flair, and arrival by car makes trips possible even at short notice

Yacht Charter Croatia: Istria And Kvarner

Northern Croatia from Umag to Olib is ideal for those arriving by car. The mix of coastal sailing and island hopping from Pula is often underestimated

Yacht Charter Spain: Mallorca

The Germans' favorite island is also very popular as a charter area. It offers something for every taste and is even suitable for two-week cruises

Yacht Charter Greece: The Cyclades

The heart of the Aegean consists of the islands south of Athens to remote Santorini. Very varied islands that are demanding from a sailing point of view

Yacht Charter Netherlands: Wattensee

The mudflats: tides, tides, unique nature - but also navigational challenges. However, they can be mastered. And then there are the islands

Yacht Charter Caribbean: The British Virgin Islands

The archipelago in the north is the most popular area in the Caribbean: protected, short distances, perfect infrastructure and easy navigation. The perfect mix

Yacht Charter Caribbean: From Anguilla To Dominica

The area of the Leeward Islands offers more Caribbean diversity than almost any other: French, British and Dutch colonies provide variety

Berlin, Berlin, We Are Driving To Berlin

Laurenz Schlüter is heading home, while Micha Hölzen is working on the trip. He has many ideas that are still worth talking about. About perfect fellow sailors

Knight In Shining Armor

Micha Hölzen and Laurenz Schlüter continue to sail around England. They meet sea rescuers several times and admire their commitment. Your current podcast episode

Sturm Und Drang In The Skagerrak

Micha Hölzen and Laurenz Schlüter are stuck in Norway. Time to get to know the country and its people. Then the trip for Hölzen is over. The current podcast episode

Farewell To The Island

Micha Hölzen and Laurenz Schlueter's time in England is over, but not their journey. Cross the North Sea to Norway. Your current podcast episode

Yacht Charter Netherlands: IJssel- And Markermeer

Hardly any other area is as popular with Germans as the IJsselmeer. The prices are cheap and the journey is done quickly. There is also a lot to see

Yacht Charter Croatia: Dalmatia From Zadar To Split

The center of Croatia attracts with the popular Kornati archipelago in front of the door. The Krka waterfalls and the small islands in front of it are also a hot spot

Excursions Into The Past

Micha Hölzen and Laurenz Schlüter sail in a historic area. In the Orkneys they meet archaeologists and Viking fans. Your current podcast episode