Magazine 2023, March

Big Things From Greifswald

Michael Schmidts YYachts has launched the Y7, his third type of boat. The carbon yacht is heavily designed for performance

All Inclusive: The Complete Blue Water Package From Slovenia

Buy, get on, set sail: With the Pegasus 50, those plagued by wanderlust get a ship for the long journey with uncompromising equipment. The test

This Is How Sailing Clubs Get Through The Corona Period

Gatherings? Forbidden. Regattas? Canceled. Socializing? Almost impossible. So how does club life work in times of Corona? About the location in the sailing clubs

Rügen From Its Most Beautiful Side

The Mönchgut is located in the extreme southeast of Germany's popular holiday island. Sailors rarely head for it. The area is good for a whole vacation

Caribbean Cruise In Corona Times

Despite the global pandemic, some undaunted sailors sailed west in autumn. What did she expect on the other side of the Atlantic? The report

Crank Easier

Large yachts, large loads: Electric winch handles provide inexpensive help as an alternative to the permanently installed and expensive electric sheet and halyard winches

A Junk For Meck-Pomm

A couple of boat builders from Peenemünde built a Chinese junk as a cruising boat - with parts from the NVA junkyard

Globe 5.80: How The New Do-it-yourself Mini Is Created

Georg Lützelberger from Paderborn is building one of the first hulls of the new Class Globe 5.80 by Janusz Maderski himself. Visit to his garden yard

YACHT Annual Tables Of Contents

All tests, all topics, all travel reports. The contents of the YACHT magazine for the past 30 years can be accessed here as a PDF with just one click

Pure Sailing Pleasure From Denmark

The new 36 from Luffe Yachts is a beauty and should combine excellent sailing characteristics with contemporary living comfort

Trade Fair In Corona Times: All The Important Information About Interboot

The first autumn fair of the year will take place in Friedrichshafen from September 19 to 27. The organizers present a colorful program despite the pandemic

C38: Bavaria's New Middle Class

The Franconians bring a little sister of the likewise young but already successful C42 - exclusively in the YACHT test

Design Studies: Flying Into The Future

Foiling will radically change the sport of sailing. Even the biggest sporting events want to show off with futuristic boats. Concept ideas in portrait

Change Of Territory To The Mediterranean: Tips And Costs

If you want to move your boat south, you have to consider a few things: Where is there free capacity? How is the transfer carried out? And above all: what does it all cost?

23-page Special For The Season

The package for the trip on the Adriatic: Tips for the area around the island of Vis, the current area update, a price guide for the ports and bays and more

The Dehlya Gets A Telescopic Rudder

Our refit yacht has been given a retractable rudder blade that reduces the draft for land transport and in shallow waters

The Interior Design: From The Idea To Reality

The interior of the Dehlya 25 has been completely redesigned. The former plywood ambience gave way to modern design with current functionality

Old Splendor And New Splendor

Nowhere are there so many glamorous port cities in such a short distance as on the Côte d'Azur. And yet neither is like the other. Trip report

Ten Minutes Of Full Throttle: 300 Women Sailors At The Helga Cup

Out of nowhere, the women's regatta became a great success last year. Now the Helga Cup should become even bigger and more international. Has it succeeded?

Exclusive: These Are Europe's Yachts Of The Year 2019

On January 19, the eagerly anticipated boat building Oscars were awarded - including some surprise winners. Large background report in the new YACHT

The Return Of The "Peking"

The legendary Flying P-Liner has been largely restored. He will shortly be moved to Hamburg, his former home port. We were already on board

Trial Fitting With The New Swan

Nautor has brought out a 65-foot model that ideally bridges the gap between the history of the shipyard and the present

Time To Sail Around The World! Long-distance Sailing On 27 Pages

Tips for a break, a sextant self-experiment or a young German's second circumnavigation of the world - read exciting topics from the blue water world

Temporary Freedom

In the summer countdown, 12 stands for twelve journeys around the world. How the sailing break can become a reality

This Is How Winter Storage In The Water Succeeds

Tips for owners who leave their ships on the jetty in the cold months. Plus: overview of 21 ports where this is possible; with information on infrastructure and prices

Sailing Is Fun Even In Winter

Why it is worth going on a trip in the cold season - experts like Arved Fuchs explain the attraction and provide special tips

Additional Information And Tutorials On The Special Navigation

Dear YACHT subscribers, here now, as promised, added value to our main topic, exclusively for you. Have fun trying it out and using it

At The Age Of 81, One-handed And Non-stop Around The World

Masterpiece: In old age, the Australian Bill Hatfield circumnavigated the globe - against the wind. He is the oldest sailor who ever succeeded

Jeanne Socrates: Around The World At The Age Of 77, Solo And Non-stop

The British Jeanne Socrates made it after many attempts: She was the oldest person to sail around the world alone. Interview with the exceptional skipper

All New Items For The 2021 Season

Despite the pandemic, numerous new ships have been announced as premieres for this year as well. The most important innovations in a complete overview

Marlin: The First Blow

The Müller-Wnuk family sails in the Caribbean with their "Marlin". The boat portrait is in the new YACHT, the first video of the ship is here

Small Cruisers, Great Fun

With around 5000 euros to the yacht owner: comparative test of recommended used small cruisers. In addition: an overview of the keel systems. Trip on the Untersee

Big Small Cruiser, Small Cruising Yacht

The Mariner 26 is located at the transition to the seagoing yacht and combines the advantages of both segments: trailerability, ease of use and seaworthiness

The Daily Dose Of Sailing Fun

The XP-19 is a sporty daysailer that is specially designed for single-handed trips. It is the project of an enthusiastic micro-ton sailor

Small Effort - Big Impact

Deck equipment, sails and rigging have a decisive influence on sailing fun. With targeted upgrading, a yacht can be brought up to date

What Does Sailing Cost? Overview For Boat Owners And Fellow Sailors

Is sailing really expensive? One thing is certain: You can experience great things even with limited resources. We do the math, from berth prices to long-haul budget

A Six-pack For Every Taste

The class of compact tourers around 30 feet in the large YACHT group test. In part 1: sailing characteristics, maneuverability and equipment

Small Yachts, Great Variety

Part 2 of the big comparison test in the compact tourer class: Everything about living comfort, storage space, quality and prices

Lagoons Next Successful Model?

The French world market leader is expanding and introducing a new volume model. What the new 14-meter class catamaran can do: Test

For Beginners And Those Switching

Multihull yachts continue to boom, the shipyards are increasing their sales in the double-digit range. A trend that has its reasons